The Fantastic Boss Book

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Part of the bestselling 'Fantastic Hairdresser' book series, this title is more focused towards a salon owner, manager as it focuses more on becoming a fantastic leader.

'It's nothing to do with being bossy...'

This leadership and management book is a must have for any salon owner or manager in the hair and beauty industry. Alan Austin-Smith's philosophy is that 50% of a fantastic hairdresser, has nothing to do with a pair of scissors or a tint brush, it's the 'other stuff' - the 50% that is about attitude, confidence, motivation, drive etc."

"We all think we are but are we?! Some amazing yet simple ideas that have helped me no end with my skills. A book that is easy to follow even for those who are not book lovers. The 2nd in the series of Amazing books" - *verified Amazon review

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