Time for the Team Webinar Series

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After having such a large amount of time out of the salon, it won't be quite as simple as turning up to work on the 4th July and getting started... Imagine if you'd just come back from a 15 week holiday, that's a pretty tough thing to overcome... And now more than ever, you NEED your team to be focused and performing at the highest possible level!

Over the two webinars, Alan will:
  • Re-focus your team after a long term break (there will be a lot of work to do here after almost 4 months off!)
  • Re-motivate - motivation levels will be lower with some more than others; you'll have some chomping at the bit to come back but you'll also have others who are enjoying a life of leisure that bit too much...
  • Finally - and this will be crucial - Alan will be sharing vital skills to mentally prepare yourself and your team for what will likely be quite a tough and chaotic time to come

This NEW Webinar Series will be split into two 90 minute sessions - starting Wednesday the 17th June & Wednesday 24th June both at 2pm. These workshops will be recorded for anyone who can't attend LIVE for people to catch up.

We have created a low single contribution to accommodate for smaller/one man bands' - the price for both webinars in total will be £100 + VAT (this is for as many team members as you have, plus you will also get the recordings to keep as the content will still be relevant). 

*We would very strongly suggest that salon owners and managers also join - not only will you benefit personally but it's incredibly important that you know what the team has been taught.